way less than I had before.
possibly more than I ever knew


Hag stones, also known as Holey Stones or Witch Stones are stones that have a naturally occurring hole and are usually found near oceans and other bodies of water. They are said to be powerful protection talismans, and when worn or carried they protect the bearer from curses, hexes, negative spirits, and harm. They have also been used to prevent nightmares, being strung on a bedpost or placed underneath pillows. It is also believed that if you peer through the hole of the stone that you can see the Fae Folk and otherworldly entities. If one broke, it is thought to have used its power to protect a life. 


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i want to hike with you, pray with you, cook with you, laugh with you, cry with you, explore with you, drink coffee with you, and be with you.


FXR by Jeff Wright AKA @chvrch AKA Church of Choppers. He’s the only guy who could have built this FXR might be the greatest FXR ever. Bummed I’m not gonna make the Brooklyn Invitational this year to see it. #family #SFFS #HERO #gonnahavetomakeatriptoiowa

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Visited Seattle for the first time yesterday.

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Clear your mind here


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